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The Royal Customers Club has provided us with the opportunity to provide you with loyal friends, varied, attractive and special offers along with your always-on companionship. We are very pleased to be able to take a practical and permanent step towards realizing customer-centric and value-based approaches to Royal Brand. All members of the Royal Brand community will be able to benefit from our special offers and designs by joining our customer club. Therefore, we are grateful to be a lifelong companion of the Royal Customers Club.

We are proud to have been a club loyalist with you, who will even be able to become a member of our club without purchasing our products and services and enjoying all of our benefits, suggestions and designs! Our special offers and designs at the Royal Customers Club have started since the first arrival of friends to the club, and continue to be based on the type of communication and interaction that encompasses a wide range of areas such as the use and purchase of our products and services or the strengthening of the marketing cycle. Our products and services are in cyberspace or unauthorized, they will be assigned a special place and will therefore be placed in one of our anticipated categories. Royal Club members currently have five levels of newcomers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Royal Gold, and will receive a variety of benefits associated with each of the levels.

Upon arrival at the club, you can receive a special gift from new members of the Royal Client Club, including newsletters and information on various products and services, designs, electronic catalogs, gifts and fitness plans, and a specific amount of money. Use as credit in member account for future purchases. Other benefits, suggestions, and plans available to members of the Royal Clients' Club are listed below, each of which can be tailored to a level or combination of these benefits.

Level number

Customer Levels

Benefits, suggestions and plans available



  1. Introducing monthly members of the Royal Golden Monthly on the Royal Web site and virtual media
  2. Receive newsletters and information on the various products and services and designs of the Royal Clients Club
  3. Enjoy free physics and electronic catalogs, samples and promotional stands
  4. Benefit from the choice of special or popular colors
  5. Benefit from gifts and gift plans (birthday, religious and national gifts, etc.)
  6. Assign specified amount as credit to member account for future purchases
  7. Benefit from free products or various discounts in this area
  8. Benefit from free shipping of various products or discounts in this area
  9. Benefit from a variety of credits for non-cash and long-term purchases
  10. Benefit from all or part of our free advertising and marketing services
  11. Benefit from panel granting services
  12. Benefit from all or some agency privileges








Golden Royale


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In order to obtain further information, we would be grateful if you could contact Royal Client Club Experts at 33245015-031-17 or email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Contact us.

Information required to join the Royal Clients Club first name and last name، E-mail و Mobile .

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