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Shad Choob Shad Trading Industries has been active in the production and sale of wood products for more than a century. Our main activity is the production and sale of MDF sheets and melamine chipboard with various thicknesses, dimensions and colors with glossy, snowy, embossed and ultra-embossed finishes, cabinet design and construction, home, office and store decoration, children's room, impregnated paper. Melamine is decorative. We sincerely believe that first and foremost we are distributing and supplying MDF sheets and melamine chipboard, manufacturers and designers of wood products, designers and executors of commercial, office and residential decoration, architects and others who are our products and services. They use us to be accountable. Much of our energy is focused on domestic markets, especially the metropolises of Islamic Iran, although we try never to miss regional and global opportunities and keep an eye on developments in these markets. The expansion of our products and services in order to improve the lifestyle and meet the needs of our customers in all domestic and foreign markets in order to create a fair profit, has led us to distribute our products and services in these markets in a way that guarantees the interests of the kidneys. Our stakeholders include consumers, employees, the community and the region's ecosystem.

We strongly believe that changing and improving the way of life of human beings with an aesthetic and luxurious view can provide the conditions for the members of these societies to create more constructive interactions in different social institutions. By 1400, we are committed to up-to-date European technologies, as well as the increasing energy and forward-looking capabilities of our knowledgeable and hard-working human resources, taking drastic steps to increase the quality and variety of our products and services. Let's create new products and expand our presence in domestic and foreign markets. Since knowledgeable and hardworking human resources are our foreheads in providing our products and services, providing them with a platform for their growth and development is one of our main tasks. Also, the use of natural resources, especially wood, has led us to show special sensitivity to the protection of the environment and trees, and the establishment of a waste treatment plant, the process of impregnation, as well as the creation of green space and planting trees, including Consider our usual responsibilities.