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تشخیص چوب از ام دی اف

MDF's wood detection makes you more informed and confident when purchasing wooden appliances. The history of human use of wood has been so long that wood products have always been present in human life. Still, human interest in wood products has not diminished and produces very fine goods for itself. But with changing lifestyles, with increasing population and limited forest resources, this need was felt to be taken into consideration more precisely by this precious natural resource. So new and innovative ways have been devised for optimum use of wood, and now we have a great variety of alternative products. The best products to replace wood are MDFs, which, due to their very good properties, were soon replaced in homes and offices.

It is very easy to detect wood from MDF. Wood products, because they are made from tree trunks, have nodes, holes, and inner lines of wood, and have natural wood defects or distortions. But MDF is, in fact, a type of fiber board made from pressed wood chips. The laminated MDF is dry-coated and laminated and has good durability and durability, in addition to its high density, so no distortion, roughness, cavities or lines are found in the MDF. . However, there are also products that make it difficult for non-specialists to distinguish wood from MDF. These MDFs are made for fans of wood products that have the same beautiful and natural wood appearance. If you look at the wood cuts (depending on the tree) you see different densities, which is why the wood selection type is very important for each product and not necessarily a wood product for MDF because for example the kitchen of every wood house. It is not suitable and may not have the necessary formulation and resistance.
MDF or wood

MDF or wood? This question may come up for everyone. Wood does not cater to the taste of hardwoods, but MDF is easy to meet for both because of its high density and variety of coatings. . For example, relatively wavy circles in the width of the wood as well as the presence of brick blades and fine spindles along the length. Another way to distinguish wood from MDF is to have colored veins inside the wood, such as beech worms with white or brown veins, but milky wood has a reddish-brown color and green veins. High-density and durable woods are very heavy and costly to build and transport. MDFs have the same color and shape in cuts and are lighter than many woods with a very high density. So, overall, longitudinal and longitudinal cuts are good for distinguishing wood from MDF, and if you do not have access to cuts, roughness, lines and holes and wood shaping can also be your guide.
MDF is better or wood

MDF is better or wood is a question of taste and relative. It has been widely believed that wood products are better than MDFs in any case, but this is a misconception, and the preference of melamine wood or MDFs depends, above all, on the application to which they are derived. In the arts and crafts such as carving, inlaid, inlaid, inlaid, and of course wood is a better raw material. But in products that are more artistic but more consumer-friendly, MDF is a better answer. Proponents of wood products sometimes complain of the artifacts of MDF and claim to love the rough and heterogeneous nature of wood and want to bring nature home. The claims of these friends are a kind of bias, because the unnecessary use of wood, which has been done for many years, has destroyed the same beautiful nature.
Best type of MDF for kitchen

MDF is in many cases a very good substitute for wood. Perhaps the best people to say MDF is better or wood are housewives. The kitchen is an environment where every Iranian woman spends most of her day working. The kitchen is constantly washed, greasy and contaminated, has various insects and is the most consumed part of the home. Cabinets and kitchen table and chairs form the main part of it. Judge for yourself with these descriptions in MDF kitchen or wood. Impact, pests and wood contamination are much less resistant to MDF. In appearance, MDF also has greater surface uniformity and color variation, and even those who love the spirit of nature in their home have a variety of wood-like designs. The high resistance of MDF to moisture is such that some types of MDF do not become deformed even when immersed in water. In addition, MDFs use materials that the insects evade, and you never get pests of wood, and there is no cavity to lay insect repellent. But apart from that, MDF is much more durable than wood.

In addition to its better physical and mechanical properties, MDF has a much higher density than its weight. It has better machining and machining capabilities, is able to form flat edges, has a uniform density, is capable of various pavements, and can handle a variety of wood and non-wood coatings. Stability is cut in dimensions and does not change or tangible in the face of cold or heat. There is more elegance to it and the beauty of the wood with its softness. All this makes it easy to place in the frameIt has an assembly line, is easily replaceable and, most importantly, offers you a much lower cost versus much higher durability.